Rep Tryouts

2021-2022 Season


U11: Sept. 7th - Sept 12 - U11 Transition practices
U11: Sept. 12 - 12:15PM - 1PM - U11 Parents Meeting

U13: Sept. 8th - Sept. 12th - Practice and Evaluation
U13: Sept. 9th 7:00 - 7:30PM - U13 Parents Meeting

U13 and U15: Sept. 9th - Goalie Evaluation
U18: Sept. 9th - Goalie Evaluation

U15 and U18: Sept. 7th - Checking Clinic
U15: Sept. 8th - Sept. 12th - Practice and Evaluation
U15: Sept. 9th - 6:30 - 7:00PM - U15 Parents Meeting

U18: Sept. 7th to Sept. 10th - Practice and Evaluations

U18: Sept. 9 - 7:45PM to 8:15PM - Parents Meeting


*Dates and time subject to change

Port Coquitlam Community Centre




  1. All players shall be encouraged to play at the level of hockey they are capable of, within their own age division.
  2. All registered players applying for a rep tryout shall be given an equal opportunity to try out for the “A1” or “A2” teams in their respective division.
  3. Should a player voluntarily/request to withdraw from “A1” team tryouts, they will not then be placed nor will they qualify for the “A2” team pool but will immediately be placed into the “C” team pool. In circumstances when no “A2” team exists the player will be placed immediately into the “C” team pool.
  4. Every reasonable effort shall be made to ensure that all players requesting a rep tryout receive a minimum of 3 tryout sessions.
  5. Players that are injured must be available for at least 1 tryout to be considered for a rep team.  Exceptions to this policy may be considered by the President upon review of the players prior two seasons, the level played and length of injury.
  6. No fundraising events or team functions shall be undertaken prior to the finalizing of team rosters.
  7. No assistant coaches, managers or other team officials shall be appointed prior to the finalizing of team rosters.
  8. All rep teams shall card a minimum of 15 skaters, not including goaltenders.  However, at the recommendation of the respective Division Managers and at the discretion of the Executive Committee, team rosters may be decreased or increased due to special circumstances.
  9. Each rep team shall carry a maximum of two goaltenders (availability permitting).
  10. No releases may be made after the commencement of league play without Executive Committee approval.
  11. No player may play for more than one team on a “casual” basis without prior approval of the Division Manager. For example, a U13 C player affiliated to the U13 A2 team cannot play up for U15 C.