Equipment Check List

  •             Helmet CSA Approved
  •             Face Mask CSA Approved
  •             Neck Guard CSA Approved
  •             Shoulder Pads
  •             Elbow Pads
  •             Hockey Gloves
  •             Protective Cup w/garter or as shorts
  •             Hockey Pants
  •             Shin Guards
  •             Skates
  •             Stick
  •             Practice Jersey & Socks
  •             Suspenders - optional
  •             Shin Pad Straps – optional
  •             Equipment Bag
  •             Tape – Stick & Sock
  •             Skate Guards
  •             Mouth Guard - optional
  •             Spare Laces
  •             Water Bottle

** Some items that are convenient to have on hand in the bag, are a helmet repair kit and/or multi head screwdriver

HELMET: must be CSA approved and include a full cage or face shield.  The cage/shield must be properly attached to the helmet with both screws and straps.  Cages and shields must be properly sized to fit the helmet and child’s head.  J-clips must be in place to prevent excessive upward movement of the cage or shield.  A chinstrap is also required and there must not be more than a 2-finger width space between the strap and underside of the chin when fastened.  Loose/missing screws, cracks, decals and stickers (including name stickers) will void the CSA certification and are therefore prohibited.

MOUTH GUARD: the wearing of a mouth guard is not mandatory, but is recommended to protect tooth injury.  The mouth guard must be properly fitted so as not to restrict airflow.

THROAT PROTECTOR: the wearing of a neck guard is mandatory.  There are three styles of throat protectors, hard bib, soft bib and neckband.  It must be ‘BNQ’ certified.  The neck protector must be the correct size so as to stay in position, but not restrict movement or airflow.

SHOULDER PADS: must be properly sized to fit the child.  Proper shoulder caps that cover the outside/top of the shoulders must be in place.  When properly fitted, the shoulder pad, elbow pad and glove form a continuous line of protective equipment down the arm.  Some shoulder pads have more padding in the abdomen area and these are recommended for greater protection.

ELBOW PADS: should have a ‘doughnut’ to fit the elbow into.  When in place, it should create a continuous line of protection with the shoulder pads to protect the upper arm area.

For additional information see BC Hockey's Equipment Checklist