Mutual Aid

  1. The Mutual Aid Fund provides assistance to injured players, referees, coaches, managers, trainers and minor officials.  The assistance provided is for expenses not provided by a Medical or Dental Plan of the player or his parents.


  1. All players, referees, coaches, managers and trainers must be registered with BC Hockey.


  1. Registration takes place at the same time as the player’s Minor Hockey registration and the registration fee is inclusive.


  1. There are no longer mutual aid numbers assigned to individuals.  The injured person must be on an official team roster to be covered.


  1. Descriptions of injuries and services covered, as well as the injury report form, are downloadable from .


  1. It is the responsibility of the parent to ensure that the completed injury form is sent to BC Hockey within the required time frame.  Team managers must also keep a copy of the completed form.  It is suggested that forms are faxed and a fax receipt is kept as proof of submission or scanned and emailed.  This will help if the date of submission is a question and/or the claim is misfiled or misplaced.