The recent release of the Order of the Provincial Health Officer-October 9th, 2020 has created much discussion in the province. As you know, the recreation sector is represented by viaSport, RFABC and BCRPA.

Please take some time to review the latest orders here.

Two specific concerns are highlighted below:

  • Definition of patron: “patron” means an individual who attends an event, but does not include event staff, volunteers, vendors, exhibitors, performers, presenters, the members of a team engaged in a sporting event, team managers, coaches, persons such as referees, time keepers or score keepers, and staff associated with any of the foregoing;
  • There must be at least one hour between events during which there are no patrons present, to permit cleaning and sanitizing, and the place must be cleaned and sanitized once no patrons are present and before patrons are permitted to enter for another event.

Other areas of concern are under review; including application/calculation of patron and spectator limits.

Please take the time to review each aspect of the order to determine other impacts to your operation.

In response to the latest order, RFABC, viaSport, and BCRPA will be developing a survey to measure the financial and user groups impact of the one hour gap between events on facility operations. The information will act as a cornerstone for a request for reconsideration from the Provincial Health Officer.

BCRPA, on behalf of viaSport/and RFABC, will send the impact survey to municipal facility operators next week.

Please send your comments and questions to

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